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Special Education Services

Effectual Educational Consulting Services (EECS) provides special educational services to charter schools, home schools, public school and private schools.  Our child center approach and mission are to provide efficient  and quality special educational support to keep your school in compliance.  At EECS, we recognize that children connect with their world through the trusted adults in their lives. Our providers and therapists are strongly rooted in our philosophy of child centered care. We pride ourselves on the fact that our emphasis is to develop positive and nurturing relationships with the students while maintaining a spirit of collaboration and excellent communication with the staff at your school.

Providers Available: 


Speech & Language Pathologists

School Psychologists

Educational Specialists (Special Education Teachers)

Educational Specialist Instructional Assistants

Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists

Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

Visual Itinerant Services

Orientation & Mobility(O&M) Specialists

Deaf & Hard of HearingTeacher

School Nurses

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